New England Triumphs presents “The Ramble”

While most car clubs draw members from a relatively small area, New England Triumphs represents six states totaling almost 72,000 square miles. Our membership hails from all corners of this diverse region, and beyond. Our intent is to host an annual weekend event highlighting a different area within our region each year. Each Ramble will have a different feel and format but always based on driving our Triumphs and instilling camaraderie amongst the club members.

The Ramble is a weekend event for members of New England Triumphs to get together, socialize, and explore parts of New England we may not be familiar with. You will have plenty of time to enjoy seeing all the area has to offer from the best vantage point, through the windscreen of your favorite LBC. There will be no set schedule for activities other than closing out Saturday with a quick car show and an optional meal.

You get to choose what driving tours you are comfortable with as well as your own schedule. Your hosts will prepare instructions for drives ranging from staying local to the host accommodations to a full day excursion with a lunch stop. Late afternoon on Saturday we will gather with our cars for an impromptu car show, with a simple “one vote per car entered” participants choice award presented.

Our inaugural 2023 Ramble took place in July in Bethel, Maine. The event was well attended, and everyone seemed to enjoy the format of the weekend and participating on some spectacular drives.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s Ramble will be held October 18-20, 2024 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. While last year’s Ramble was all about enjoying rural Maine, this year we will be focusing on a very historic town. Along with exploring Plymouth, we have set up drives offering spectacular views of the Massachusetts coastline and interior. All participants must be registered for this event. Registration is now open!

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